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Conference Objective

Conference Objective

The critical issue for the Halal today is the loss of reference, confidence and trust to organize a Halal system as guided by the Al Quran and as Sunna. The inability to put forward an alternative for a peace and harmonious life in every aspect of livelihood of the mankind has made the situation of the humanity in a precarious position.

Therefore, we are earnestly bringing forward the pillar solution for the ummah through the World Halal movement by redirecting the ummah towards a comprehensive syariah compliant lifestyle.

The many sectors that should be looked into to develop this industry will definitely be challenging since this effort was initiated to introduce a much wider and broader scope of halal endorsement and certification. This includes food production and consumer products, services, education, consultation, certification, insurance services, science and technology, entertainment, sports, finance, trade governance, culture and organizations, human resource management, training and employment.

Designed for global policy makers, halal community and industry professionals to explore strategies for Halal Lifestyle: Its Potential & Challenges, the conference aims to:

Introduce the latest development in the halal industry;

To provide an international platform for the global halal community to discuss issues, trends and challenges related to the development of the global halal industry.

Enhance international networking and business relations amongst stakeholders with the intent to explore greater insights in the halal lifestyle.

Establish networks between halal communities through the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge.