• World Peace Products and Services Expo & Conference +966 55 002 0023 , +966 55 304 5165

Our Targets


  • Promoting Halal industries of the Islamic World Countries locally and internationally.
  • Encouraging the usage of Halal products and Services that are produces by Islamic World Countries.
  • Providing big chances for the participating companies and establishments to exchange experiences with companies and factories that are participating in the exhibition.
  • Opening new markets for Halal products and Services industries among Islamic World Countries.
  • Pushing industry wheel in the sector of Halal industries.
  • A chance to discuss the most important investment chances available in this sector
  • Highlighting the most important forms of encouragement by the Kingdom to the investors to enter the field of industry that represent the nerve of sustainable development.
  • To be a reliable platform to the needs of mankind
  • To bring together people from all over the world and ensure that halal certification standards accepted by the whole world are determined on a single center
  • To be an appealing and attractive platform for all countries that is making a fair, halal production and consumption organized in Makkah province, which is a central of the dry land.
  • To develop halal trade with GCC and MENA and neighboring regions
  • To create an environment in which new technologies, new markets, trends, problems, difficulties can be seen and discussed in the halal sector
  • To create an opportunity for interested suppliers to enter the halal ecosystem with significant commercial potential